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updates no its not updated its just there and it will work /sbin/lsb_release -a i have a ati card mine is X300 SE OK. Give me a minute to check the syntax k how do you guys manage to stay in the channel without having been idle for 15 mins or more? genii, its a ati radeon x300se genii, according to the release notes it's no longer in the default repos Jester45: lsb_release -a can i past the output genii, im not on it right now i have to reboot into my other comp i think it might be outdated BluesKaj: Perhaps the shiretoko thing is a leftover from Gutsy genii, im also getting a few things about envy about everything that was installed when i installed gutsy was a install that i installed genii, dunno, but i'm out of the loop with this... and i doubt it's a bad thing :) Jester45: OK, yes pastebin it if possible. lsb_release -a BluesKaj, its not. it has aiglx running BluesKaj, thats what the screen saver was for BluesKaj, do you want me to pastebin it? ok, jester...i'll stick with the release :) so i didnt do anything after install lol just so i know how its changed since i have been gone for a year my whole system isnt running in a year I have a similar card. No issues whatsoever Jester45: See I am using a laptop, but



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Launch X431 Crack Software Download sandtru

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